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The Importance of Mantra


Working with the Mantra

For the mantra to have power, we must learn to energize our mantra with prana, intention and meaning. We must learn to place our entire life-energy and life-focus into it, as if it were our child. We need to energize it with an intention to find the higher truth or sacred presence. We must endow it with the meaning of unity, the Self that is one with all.

We also need to energize the mantra with patience, beauty and grace. The mantra is not just a technique or an outer tool, but like the paintbrush of a true artist, we must color it with our deeper aspirations in life. Otherwise the mantra itself can become a mechanical sound that we repeat automatically and creates an entropy of its own that keeps us unaware. Giving life to the mantra is key to its efficacy, which is to make the mantra our life.

It is important for everyone to have a mantra and to work with seed mantras on a regular basis. This is the foundation for meditation and control of the mind. Mantra gives us a grip on the mind as it were, which is otherwise like trying to grasp space. The mind has a natural singular focus as our point of attention. The mantra cultivates this focus and continually strengthens it.

The mantric mind will, in turn, provide focus and clarity for all of our thoughts and intentions. It will allow us the concentrated perception so that we can look beneath the surface and discover the essence of all life. The mantric mind is the truth-bearing mind that reflects the cosmic principles or dharmas through which the universal reality is directly known. Mantra is the language of the [Cosmic Mind] or Mahat Tattva.

The mantric mind leads us into a state of [mantric thinking], which has clarity, focus, intent and determination. Mantric thinking allows us to set our lives in order and to understand the natural laws at work both within and around us. When our thoughts become mantric, then what we think can become a reality and has a power to benefit and enlighten everyone. Mantric thinking has the power to manifest whatever we give our attention to. It can work magic, but to reach that magic requires a long and intense practice.

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