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The Seven Biological Responses


The following are possible human responses to unmet needs:

Fight or Flight

This response is based on fear and the perception that our environment is threatening. It is an ancient, primitive response, grounded in the survival instinct - serving to keep the body protected.

When in the fight or flight response, our heart beats faster, blood pressure rises, breathing is more rapid, adrenalin increases, and our immune system is suppressed.

Reactive response

This is a slightly disguised version of the flight or flight response – the psychological equivalent. Emotions are in the domain of the ego and when ego boundaries are crossed, uncomfortable feelings are generated. Criticism, anger, sarcasm and disrespect are psychological versions of the fight response while withdrawal, sulking, shutting down and pouting are emotional flight responses.

The vast majority of human beings are using only the first two responses on a daily basis. However, human beings have been given the incredible gift of choice and free will. Although our responses to unmet needs can be automatic and based on the instinct to survive, we have the ability to shift our ego-based life internal reference point to a soul based one.

Restful awarness: shifting from ego to spirit

This response has been available for thousands of years. It is elicited through the practice of meditation, which provides the technology to expand our internal reference point. When we begin to witness the activity of the mind we become capable of be conscious choice making.

Intuitive response

Deep within us is a wise, knowing being, which we can access when we quiet the noise of our minds and live in present moment awareness. In this awareness we can more easily observe the emotions arising within us rather than remaining stuck in past-laden assessments and evaluations.

Coming from the intuitive response, we avoid using words that encourage victimization. We notice when we are coming from interpretation and choose to come from conscious observation and authentic expression.

Creative response

Creativity is the process of applying a new context or meaning to a situation or a circumstance, thereby allowing something to manifest that has not been seen before. Novel solutions can emerge when you approach a challenge by quieting down your inner dialogue and looking within.

The solution to a problem is rarely on the level of the problem. Rather, expanding your perspective enables you to see the challenge in a new light.

Visionary response

Every one of us is living a mythological life. We have the potential to be gods and goddesses by living from the collective soul level and tuning into the realm of collective dreams.

The visionary response connects us with this archetypal realm and enables us to more consciously participate in the story of our lives. The great leaders and figures of history have recognized and given their lives to a vision of what is possible.

Sacred response

When our sense of self expands, we go beyond constricted ego-based awareness to the recognition of self in the object of our perception. At this level of unity consciousness, compassion is a natural expression. We transcend our unconscious obsession with [what's in it for me] and dwell in [how can I be of service?]

We realize we are all made of the same essence and are points of perspective in universal being. Like waves on the ocean, each of us is an individual expression of the one non-local, spirit.

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