The Secret of Success

One of the main weaknesses the average person suffers is too much familiarity with the word impossible. Failure is nature's plan to prepare you for great responsibilities. If it isn't your job to do it, perhaps it's your opportunity. Many philosophers have made the statement that man is the master of his own earthly destiny, but most of them have f...
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Nonviolent Communication

Giving from the Heart NVC helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish. It guides us to reframe the way we express ourselves and listen to others by focusing our consciousness on four areas: what we are observing, feeling, and needing, and what we are requesting to enrich our lives. NVC fost...
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Pitta - Dosha (Fire & Water)

Pitta: Balanced Temper - Healthy Hair - Decreased Acid Pitta governs all heat, metabolism and transformation in the mind and body. It controls how we digest foods, how we metabolize our sensory perceptions, and how we discriminate between right and wrong. Pitta governs the important digestive [agnis] or fires of the body. Do you need to balance Pit...
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Vata - Dosha (Space & Air)

Vata: Quality Sleep - Supple Skin - Proper Elimination Vata governs all movement in the mind and body. It controls blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the mind. Since Pitta and Kapha cannot move without it, Vata is considered the leader of the three Ayurvedic Principles in the body. It's very important t...
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Kapha - Dosha (Earth & Water)

Kapha: Corrected Weight - Increased Energy - Decreased Congestion Kapha governs all structure and lubrication in the mind and body. It controls weight, growth, lubrication for the joints and lungs, and formation of all the seven tissues - nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive tissues.  Do you need to balance Kap...
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