Pakruti Dosha - Mind Body Quiz

Mandala - Purple Magnificence
Mind Body Quiz This mind-body questionnaire gathers information about your basic nature – the way you were as a child or the basic patterns that have been true most of your life. If you developed an illness in childhood or as an adult, think of how things were for you before that illness.   Please feel free to download the PDF-Quiz and share i...
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Vikruti Subdosha Questionnaire - Dosha-Quiz

Mandala - Gold Tantra Yantra
Dosha-Quiz These questions are intended to assess your current life situation, including any recent stresses, illnesses, or life changes. It is most helpful if you answer these questions according to what has been true for you over the past few weeks and months.  Please feel free to download the PDF-Questionnaire and share it with your friends...
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Stress in the Workplace: How to Combat it with Ayurveda and Primordial Sound Meditation

Stress on the job creates a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, fatigue, increased anger, problems with relationships, inability to focus properly, stress headaches, insomnia and a variety of stress-related diseases. Stress results when the mind, body or emotions receives an overload of stimulus, whether good or bad. Workplace stress occurs whe...
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Mantra and the Natural State of Meditation

The Natural State of the Mind and Heart The state of meditation is the natural state of the mind and heart, when our energies are turned and held within. The problem is that the ordinary state of our minds is usually turned without, meaning that we must learn to turn the current of awareness within and go against the outgoing impulses of the senses...
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The Seven Biological Responses

The following are possible human responses to unmet needs: Fight or Flight This response is based on fear and the perception that our environment is threatening. It is an ancient, primitive response, grounded in the survival instinct - serving to keep the body protected. When in the fight or flight response, our heart beats faster, blood pressure r...
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