The Importance of Mantra

Working with the Mantra For the mantra to have power, we must learn to energize our mantra with prana, intention and meaning. We must learn to place our entire life-energy and life-focus into it, as if it were our child. We need to energize it with an intention to find the higher truth or sacred presence. We must endow it with the meaning of unity,...
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Mantra and the Natural State of Meditation

The Natural State of the Mind and Heart The state of meditation is the natural state of the mind and heart, when our energies are turned and held within. The problem is that the ordinary state of our minds is usually turned without, meaning that we must learn to turn the current of awareness within and go against the outgoing impulses of the senses...
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Learn to Meditate (Brochure and Flyer) for Download

Flyer and Brochure Primordial Sound Meditation Program
  Download PDF File Here Using the Timeless Practice of Primordial Sound Meditation For the ones who want to have a flyer which informs you about the Primordial Sound Meditation program I have included 2 PDF's for viewing and or download. One is a one page Flyer the other one is a Brochure. Thank you very much for sharing with your family and ...
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15 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is a form of brain exercise. It is not that much different than exercises you do for your body muscles. But instead of working on your biceps and triceps, you are working on your peace of mind. Meditation is a broad term, and it includes different techniques. However, all these techniques are concentrated on reaching deep relaxation and ...
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